Over 6000 students completed over 600,000 equations – most of those during the first 5 days! Total student playing time reached almost 10 full months (24 hour per day)!! An amazing effort by all. Quite a few classrooms achieved over 95% mastery and all the students were exposed to (and hopefully excited by) the conceptual ideas involved in solving algebraic equations. Thanks to all who participated.

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Our Goals:

  • • Improve specialization methods that can achieve mastery for every student in the classroom.
  • • Maximize accessibility of basic algebra concepts to young students.
  • • Provide Minnesota teachers with open access to current and future learning tools from the UW Center for Game Science.


  • • Winning classrooms are determined by the greatest percentage of algebraic mastery per team/classroom.


  • • Visit our support forum to receive answers from official support staff.